Calgary Ice Breaker Polar Bear Dip Against Sexual Exploitation

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Kersten Kloss and Natalie Terrill DID It!

Ringing in the New Year with a "polar bear dip" in Calgary. 


Donations are still open.  Please keep the momentum going.  

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Why?  To laugh-a-lot, embrace the new year with vigour, fortify our resolve for 2016 and help out a great cause! All proceeds go to helping women & children who have been affected by human trafficking & sexual exploitation.


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The SA Foundation is a global non-profit organization that provides long-term recovery & development programs for women & children who have been affected by human trafficking & sexual exploitation. MORE about the cause HERE.

About Old Guys in Action

Old Guys in Action is a somewhat elastic and eclectic organization of men and women of all ages who come together to make a difference…raising awareness and funds to support great organizations tackling difficult issues of poverty and injustice.  More at:



Promoter Kersten Kloss
Birthday Leap
32 Coach Side Place SW
T3H 1A7
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Jan Eden  $ 100.00 2016-01-03
Robert Vanden Heuvel  $ 200.00 2016-01-03
Bob Morrell  $ 25.00 2016-01-01
Kerri Bossert  $ 100.00 2016-01-01
Eric Scott  $ 25.00 2015-12-31
Marci Hamilton  $ 30.00 2015-12-30
Russell McKevitt  $ 50.00 2015-12-30
Joy Morales  $ 25.00 2015-12-29
Joan Peters  $ 50.00 2015-12-27
Anonymous donor  $ 20.00 2015-12-27
 $ 1,045.00
raised of  $ 1,000.00
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