In Memory of David McQueen

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Dave McQueen has two sons that have struggled through life. Chris at 24 and Justin at almost 25 years old, have endured a tragic ending to their father’s life. 

The boys lived a life without a mother, who left when they were babies. In 1994, Dave broke his neck rendering him a quadriplegic. Determined to raise the boys himself, he did the best he could with very little. The boys had many challenges growing up because they really were Dave’s arms and legs, and had responsibilities that young children should never have.

Dave suffered in the last few years with mental illness, making relationships, even those with his sons very difficult?

Justin and Chris would like to get their father’s remains back to Windsor, where he grew up and had many happy memories. It would allow them to reconnect with family that they have not seen since they were very small. Any donations, large or small, will help them get there.

The final chapter to Dave’s life will not define the future of Chris and Justin. They want more for themselves and with your help, we can give the boys a start to their adult life that they never had as children.  

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Pamela Rath
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Josie Ouellette  $ 50.00 2016-02-14
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Staci Brown  $ 75.00 2016-02-11
Laura Adamo  $ 150.00 2016-02-08
Jacqueline McVittie  $ 20.00 2016-02-07
Tom Rothery  $ 100.00 2016-02-07
Sue PINKERTON Stauffer  $ 350.00 2016-02-04
Pam Fennig  $ 50.00 2016-02-04
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Pamela Rath
Pamela Rath
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